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In Cindy-Dick’s Home, At Issue Was An Epitome

Flashback to May 17, 1993, and CBS news anchor Dan Rather predicting success for his pairing with Connie Chung: “We will make it work. You can take it to the bank.”

Now we know the whys of the Cindy CrawfordRichard Gere break-up. It has to do with pronunciation.

“I never like to say words wrong,” Crawford told Buzz magazine. “Once I heard Sylvester Stallone say ‘day-jay-vu.’ No, I don’t think so.”

But, she added, “The one that always gets me is ‘epitome.’ I once made a fool of myself in front of Richard. We were out in the country somewhere, and we’re standing in front of this little real estate office. I’m, like, reading the descriptions of the houses, and I go, ‘Oh, this one’s the epitoam of Westchester living!’ And he goes, ‘(Jeez), what did you just say?’ He actually thinks I’m somewhat ignorant. I said, ‘You know, epitoam, it means epitome.’ And he goes… ‘That doesn’t mean epitome. That IS epitome!”’

He’s still beating to the drum of a different marcher Charlie Watts turns 54 today.

Sounds like a perfect place for them all to live

Here’s some fun news: Two of New York’s more comical characters, Leona Helmsley and Donald Trump, are headed for court. Helmsley and her husband, Harry Helmsley, lease the Empire State Building from Trump. Trump has accused them of mismanaging the building, allowing it to become “second-rate, rodent-infested.” The Helmsley’s, screaming libel, want $100 million.

One from her head, the other from her gut

Two quotes from Naomi Judd: 1, “We are on the cusp of a major medical revolution. When people realize the mind, body and spirit are linked, it’s going to revolutionize medicine.” And, 2, “With hepatitis, you feel like you have the flu every day. It’s the pits.”

What’s hers is hers, she says, and what’s his is too

Fresh from the New York Post: The planned June 17 marriage between Ivana Trump and Riccardo Mazzucchelli has been postponed because the couple can’t agree on a prenuptial contract.

Raymond Burr never returned his phone calls

After dating long enough to decide there was no reason to go on, Los Angeles prosecutor Marcia Clark and movie producer Alan Greisman stopped seeing one another. In parting, Greisman, who once was married to Sally Field, said, “I’ve never dated a more famous attorney.”

Of course, only their hairdressers know for sure

Those Baldwin boys sure love their blondes. Elder Alec Baldwin is wed to Kim Basinger, and now brother William Baldwin is set to tie the knot with singer Chynna Phillips. “I’m about to learn a big life lesson,” the 32-yearold Baldwin said.

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