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Spaying Law Urged Society Wants Boise To Force Owners To Sterilize Dogs, Cats

Fri., June 2, 1995

The Idaho Humane Society is working on a Boise city ordinance to require dogs and cats to be sterilized unless they are being used for commercial or hobby breeding.

The society put 4,126 dogs and cats to sleep last year and found homes for another 5,500.

“It’s not unusual to see 100 or more puppies and kittens brought in on the weekend in boxes, bags and baskets,” director Roger Schmitt said Wednesday. “There are only so many homes we can find for these animals.”

Local governments across the country have been adopting laws to require neutering of males and spaying of females, Schmitt said, and the society may propose a Boise city ordinance later this year.

A law would face opposition even from people like Kent and Karen Morthland of Boise, even though they recognize many dog owners do not handle their pets responsibly and the couple has a neutered cat.

“I don’t think that I would want someone telling me,” Karen Morthland said.

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