June 4, 1995 in Idaho

Idaho Records



Coeur d’Alene

G and D Development, 1371 Ninth, duplex, valued at $141,646.

G and D Development, 1421 Ninth, duplex, valued at $141,646.

Shorewood Homes, 5756 Stafford, residence, valued at $65,000.

Shorewood Homes, 5723 Stafford, residence, valued at $65,000.

Shorewood Homes, 1930 Hampson, residence, valued at $65,000.

Century Construction, 3714 Monarch, residence, valued at $100,000.

Klein’s Home Improvement, 3307 Pinehill, remodel basement, valued at $10,000.

Roger Ramsrud, 4204 Lancaster, residence, valued at $21,720.

Viking Construction, 1980 Daly, residence, valued at $85,692.

Viking Construction, 1962, Daly, residence, valued at $85,375.

Steve Benad Construction, 910 Kathleen, commercial building, valued at $801,000.

Steve Benad Construction, 910 Kathleen, commercial pole building, valued at $78,000.

Crescent Homes, 3721 Monarch, residence, valued at $170,000.

Post Falls

Viking Construction, 704 Cavalry Lane, residence, valued at $65,334.

Viking Construction, 4310 Shore Cove, residence, valued at $72,035.

Hallmark Homes Inc., 2551 Titleist Way, residence, valued at $102,170.

Hallmark Homes Inc., 2531 Titleist Way, residence, valued at $116,232.

Morss Construction, 104 E. 11th Ave., residence, valued at $148,808.

Customized Real Estate Service, 600 W. 12th Ave., residence, valued at $52,245.

U.S. Steel Structures, 2910 E. First Ave., residence, valued at $9,492.

Crescent Homes, 1824 Rainier Drive, residence, valued at $91,528.

Crescent Homes, 2004 Sawtooth Court, residence, valued at $59,143.

Crescent Homes, 1826 Rainier Drive, residence, valued at $74,392.

Phil Colozzi, 305 E. 15th Ave., residential move, valued at $25,000.

Crescent Homes, Post Falls School District administrative office building, valued at $182,820.

Kootenai County

Jim Taylor, Coeur d’Alene, residence, valued at $149,162.

Lakewood Construction, Harrison, residence addition, valued at $7,445.

Castle Home Construction, Athol, residence, valued at $136,182.

Paul Deluca, Rathdrum, residence, valued at $114,210.

Gene Salois Pinnacle Enterprises, residence, valued at $57,147.

Matt Gustafson, Post Falls, residence, valued at $94,433.

Richard Teich, Coeur d’Alene, residence addition, valued at $11,904.

Jim Edwards Construction, Hayden, residence, valued at $168,743.

Joseph Kamps, Coeur d’Alene, conversion, valued at $15,000, commercial, valued at $25,000.

Cooks Inc., pole barn, valued at $5,580.

Jay Taylor, Hayden, addition, valued at $9,972.

Deloris Kelly, Athol, garage, valued at $27,527.

David Morgan, Athol, residence, valued at $96,982.

Donald Sverdsten, Cataldo, residence addition, valued at $19,776.

Dennis Dingman, Hayden, garage, valued at $13,878.

Cooks Inc., Harrison, pole barn, valued at $10,044.

The Shea Co., Hayden Lake, residence, valued at $161,170.

Eugene Allen, Rathdrum, duplex, valued at $194,358.

Michael Ferry, Coeur d’Alene, garage, valued at $5,447.

Spokane Structures, Rathdrum, pole barn, valued at $11,160.

U.S. Steel Structures, Hayden, pole barn, valued at $20,088.

U.S. Steel Structures, Hayden, pole barn, valued at $6,696.

Momb Steel Buildings Inc., Coeur d’Alene, pole barn, valued at $8,036.

Dave Schlotthauer, Coeur d’Alene, residence addition, valued at $8,816.

Shoshone County

Ruby Harris, Kellogg, roof, valued at $3,132.

Adele Johnson, Calder, roof, valued at $1,680.

Jim Wilcox, Elk Creek, hot roof, valued at $2,462.

Ken Hayes, Mullan, siding, valued at $7,741.

Richard Daugherty, Smelterville, addition, valued at $10,500.

Bonner County

Don Mattson, Dufort Road, Sagle, shop, valued at $9,266.

David and Sandra Teed, Jewel Lake Road, Sagle, residence, valued at $137,714.

Calvin and Diane Whallow, Garfield Bay Road, Sagle, residence, valued at $62,454.

A and T Investments, Whiskey Jack Road, Sandpoint, remodel residence, valued at $25,000.

Brice and Margaret Barrett, Priest River, residence, valued at $81,081.

Alex Brehm, Stoneridge, residence, valued at $92,015.

Dennis and Kathy Clay, Lodge Pole Road, Priest River, addition to residence, valued at $36,256.

Clarence Kirby, Spirit Lake Road, residence, valued at $59,881.


Liquidation petitions

James and Shambra Palmer, Sagle, debts of $53,985.

Connie Wadsworth, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $36,280.

Cathy Rosane, Coeur d’Alene, debts of $16,676.

Juan Cano, Hayden Lake, debts of $15,996.

David Pileggi, Kellogg, debts not specified.

Benjamin Trujillo, Coeur d’Alene, debts not specified.

Wage earner petitions

Dennis and Tina Roush, Post Falls, debts of $31,755.

Randall and Laurie Hartley, Rathdrum, debts not specified.

Clarence and Cathlyn Lewis, Post Falls, debts not specified.

Randal and Korin Miller, Post Falls, $26,722.

George and Monica Vass, Sagle, debts not specified.

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