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Rwanda Stability To Enable U.N. Cuts

The U.N. peacekeeping force in Rwanda should be cut by more than half because the nation torn by ethnic bloodshed last year is now “largely at peace,” the U.N. chief says.

Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali said the 5,900-member force in the Central African nation could be slashed to about 2,700 over the next three months because “a climate of relative stability has prevailed in Rwanda.”

“The long and arduous process of recovery has begun,” he told the Security Council.

The Security Council, which typically follows Boutros-Ghali’s lead on such issues, could take up his Rwanda recommendation as early as Friday, when the current mandate expires. The council must approve any new mandate.

There are 5,586 U.N. soldiers and 317 military observers now in Rwanda.

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