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L.A. County Gets A Laid-Back Slogan

It’s not snazzy. It doesn’t rhyme. And it doesn’t say anything about kicking tail.

But Los Angeles County thinks its new slogan - chosen over such suggestions as “You Can Shake Us But You Can’t Break Us,” “Floods, Fire and Fun” and “L.A.: Come Sequester Yourself - will improve its tarnished image.

The county’s choice: “Together, we’re the best. Los Angeles.”

Some also-rans had more pizazz.

One suggested by Mayor Richard Riordan - “Los Angeles is the Whole World and Don’t You Blanking Forget It” - conjured up New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s tongue-in-cheek slogan for his city, as coined by David Letterman’s writers: “We Can Kick Your City’s Ass.”

Patricia Boucher, a Port Richey, Fla., woman who owns Jazzy Jingles Advertising, derided L.A.’s motto as a “slug of a slogan.”

Some of Boucher’s phrases: “Los Angeles is No. 1, one for all and all for one” and “Diversity is the key, Los Angeles the place to be.”


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