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Nutt Stalk Arrives With Untamed Sound

Fri., June 9, 1995, midnight

Concert preview

Nutt Stalk Location and time: Playfair Race Course, today, 5:30 p.m. Tickets: $12

Nut-Meg music.

It’s all the rage these days.

Wait. You mean you haven’t heard of the genre?

Perhaps you’ve heard of some of the quintessential Nut-Meg bands like Trulio Disgracias, Weapon of Choice, Eek and Plum. All of which are caravaning across the country as the Nutt Stalk tour. This music festival stops at Playfair Race Course tonight.

According to Weapon of Choice front man/bassist Lonnie “Mega-Nut” Marshall, Nutt Meg music is simply defined as “music untamed.”

“Nut-Meg music can be whoever or whatever anyone wants it to be,” said Marshall in a phone interview this week. “It’s one of those categories that has no boundaries and limits to it.

“Nutt Stalk is generating generation velocity.”

No boundaries, no limits and music untamed are perfect descriptions for the music, which Marshall said was spawned by the forefathers of funk.

Perhaps, Trulio Disgracias best represents the Nut-Meg sound.

The band, a musical cornucopia of funk, punk, jazz and R&B; conceived by Fishbone member Norwood Fisher, is a collective of musicians from Fishbone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Suicidal Tendencies, George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars, Eek, Plum and Weapon of Choice.

The band is said to have up to 30 members on stage at once. Musical styles range from funk and punk to R&B; and jazz.

Because Trulio Disgracias enjoys a continuously evolving line-up, one never knows whose going to be with the band. Therefore, every show has the possibility of being significantly different from the other.

Tonight’s lineup includes Fisher and his Fishbone mates Angelo Moore and Fish, Blackbird (of the George Clinton P-Funk All Stars), Vicki Calhoun (who sang backup on the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ album “Mother’s Milk), Arik Marshall (who had a brief stint as a guitarist in the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and the members of the Brand New Heavies, Solsonics, Weapon of Choice, Spearhead Plum and Eek.

Actual members of Suicidal Tendencies and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have yet to be confirmed for today’s show.

Weapon of Choice, which performs first as a band before its members take the stage with Trulio Disgracias, released its debut album “Nut-Meg Sez: ‘Bozo the Town”’ last November on Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard’s Loose Groove record label.

“Stone saw a video we did a few years ago,” said Marshall. “He was so into the video, he moved ahead and got us recording.”

The album is a thrilling crossbreed of 1980s Fishbone and Red Hot Chili Peppers with 1970s Parliament and Funkadelic.

(The Nutt Stalk tour stops heads to Bucks Club in Missoula on Saturday.)

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