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Secret Videos Made Of Doggy Mess

Tue., June 13, 1995

Don Ching secretly videotaped a neighbor’s dog relieving itself on his lawn, and now the pet owner could face a $1,000 fine.

Thomas Dickason must answer charges of offensive littering and criminal mischief.

“When I first saw it, I couldn’t believe he knew what he was doing,” said Ching, who did not warn Dickason.

Ching said he set up a surveillance post in the window of his secondfloor bedroom and dressed in black to avoid being spotted through the shades.

He videotaped Dickason and his Lhasa apso four days in a row last week before calling police and distributing copies of the video to 15 neighbors.

“It was kind of satisfying, like ‘OK, I got you now,”’ Ching said.

Dickason claims he always returns to collect his dog’s droppings.

As for Ching’s videotaping, he said, “I think the neighbors are thinking, ‘Sheesh, get a life.”’

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