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Freeman Students Say Goodbye Of David

With only 12 days left to graduation, 18-year-old David Ward was thrown from the bed of a truck on Highway 27 on May 10. He died on the way to the hospital. David was a senior at Freeman High School.

Many students put flowers at the scene of the accident. David’s death shocked the whole school. The halls were totally silent, except for the sounds of crying. David was a great person, and we all will miss him very much.

Editor’s note: Several students from Freeman wrote to Our Generation with memorial tributes to David Ward after his death. They wanted to say how much they miss him and to remind other teenagers to be careful in these days of celebration over graduation. Here is an excerpt of a poem written by Freeman’s Alison Hawley:

I thought I’d be OK when I stepped through the doors this morning,

But, while walking down the cold halls, my eyes began to burn,

and bleed twin streams of salt.

While choking on the breath that hitched in my chest

I realized you were gone.

Really gone.

I had convinced myself that it was all a rumor, a misunderstanding.

And that I’d walk down warm halls and exchange smiles at your locker.

Perhaps complain about the weather or the earliness of hour,

And mope about the lack of sleep the night before.

But the space before your locker was empty,

as well as my heart.