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No Mutual Admiration When Makers Met A Legend

Fri., June 16, 1995

On their way to Canada after being kicked out of the Garageshock festival in Bellingham - an annual gathering of garage bands and surf bands - the Makers, who play Outback Jack’s tonight, had a run-in with former Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant.

“All the Makers, of course, got pulled over with all the other questionable people at the border,” said manager and honorary fifth member of the band Vic Mostly. “And one of the guys comes out of the bathroom and says ‘Robert Plant’s here.’

“And then he comes out, strutting and hair bobbing.”

All of the Makers and Plant’s tour entourage (they were en route to the Page and Plant concert in Vancouver, B.C., that night) were all confined to a waiting area while border officials were examining both parties’ vehicles.

“We had nowhere to go but to talk to Robert Plant,” recounted Mostly. “He gave the guys a once-over with a weird look and said: ‘Exactly what do you guys do?”’

Mostly told the middle-aged singer that they were a rock ‘n’ roll band which just got booted out of Garageshock.

To which Plant replied: “It reminds me of working with Jimmy Page … he’ll be along shortly.”

“He said it in a tone expecting all of our mouths to drop open in awe,” said Mostly. “But of course, they didn’t.”

With that, Plant, his tour manager and roadies walked off, got in their vans and hit the road.

“It should be noted that Robert Plant has an extremely huge head, twice as big as a normal human head,” said Mostly in a sarcastic tone. “And his lion’s mane is still luscious after all these years.”

The Makers will soon appear in a comic book series, which will feature other rock bands like the Melvins and L7.

Opening bands Velvet Pelvis and the Rizzos recently put out releases.

Velvet Pelvis released its first 7-inch on the Too Many Records label.

The Rizzos’ tape, “Things to Do and Make,” has been selling well locally.

Music starts at 9:30 p.m. The cover is $4. Bring your ID.

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