Mystery Pigs Running Wild In Nyc

SUNDAY, JUNE 18, 1995

The Big Apple is going to the hogs. Five pigs have been captured in the city in the past week, three of them apparently wild boars, the undomesticated critters with bad tempers.

How the hams on the hoof got here is a mystery.

It all began with a report of pigs on the run Wednesday morning in Queens, said Cybele Fisher-Koppel, spokeswoman for the Center for Animal Care and Control, the non-profit agency that handles strays for the city.

Officers found two white pigs, each weighing about 200 pounds, in an industrial area. The porkers eluded police for more than two hours before they were cornered, roped and taken to an animal shelter.

Less than six hours later, officers came across three wild boars on Staten Island, and the body of a fourth that had been killed by a car. They apparently had escaped from a cage dumped in a wooded area, said Lt. Michael Heegan.

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