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Injured Moose Destroyed

Tue., June 27, 1995, midnight

Idaho Fish and Game officials spent both Sunday and Monday mornings trying to sedate an injured moose that kept wandering onto the Hayden Lake Country Club golf course.

Wayne Weseman, district conservation officer, said the moose was a yearling cow that appeared to have been hit by a car.

With its left hind leg dangling behind it, the animal hobbled onto the Hayden Lake golf course Sunday morning.

Maintenance workers noticed the emaciated creature and called Fish and Game, Weseman said.

Officials used a gun to fire a tranquilizer dart at the moose. But Weseman said the dart was defective and did not sedate the animal.

The moose then disappeared into a nearby wooded area.

Fish and Game officials were called out to the area again Monday morning after the injured moose was spotted in the area.

Golfers and onlookers were kept away from the southern end of the golf course as the animal wandered onto the course, Weseman said.

The dart gun malfunctioned as Fish and Game officials again tried to sedate the animal. When they did hit the moose with a smaller dart the drugs were not strong enough, Weseman said.

A research biologist trained in using a stronger immobilizing drug was called to the golf course and the animal was successfully downed about 10:30 a.m., Weseman said.

Fish and Game officials had to destroy the moose because of its injury, he said.

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