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Legislative Action

Confirmed By Senate

Ike Muir, Jerome, State Brand Board. R. Michael Southcombe, Boise, Idaho delegate to Multistate Tax Commission.

Killed By House

HB195 (Human Resources) Ended farm exemption from law requiring employers to provide workers compensation insurance for employees.

Introduced In House

HCR18 (State Affairs) Authorizes interim

study commission on pari-mutuel wagering on simulcast racing.

HCR19 (Education) States legislative commitment to facilitate character education in public schools.

HB330 (State Affairs) Clarifies definitions on laws on licensing of persons to manufacture, wholesale and retail beer; eliminates requirement that reports be filed on shipments of beer into state.

HB331 (Appropriations) Appropriates $50.2 million to Fish and Game Department for 1996 operations.

HB332 (Education) Requires school districts to credit all previous educational and employment experience for a certificated employee for the purpose of determining salary.

HB333 (Revenue and Taxation) Forbids Tax Commission when assessing operating property to use the direct capitalization approach or derivatives thereof.

HB334 (State Affairs) Allows cities and counties to maintain a list of at least three registered vendors to be considered to supply materials, supplies or equipment not exceeding $25,000.

HB335 (State Affairs) Provides that certain appendices of the Uniform Building Code will not be adopted statewide.

HB336 (State Affairs) Establishes system of permits for operators of well drilling equipment.

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