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Thu., March 2, 1995

Everywhere it seems, fjfsigns seem to scream they have genuine thigh cream.

But do they?

And if they do, does the stuff really create thinner thighs?

Experts answer: Maybe, and who knows?

Another tantalizing bit of trivia: A few women who have used it reported larger breasts along with reduced thighs.

Anybody driving around would be hard pressed to miss all the neon promising women a leg up on thunder thighs through a miracle cream.

And if you turn to the classified pages, ads for thigh cream are nearly knee-high on any given day.

“I recommend you use it daily for at least a week,” purred a user and thigh cream saleswomen named Nancy, who asked that her last name not be used. “I lost absolutely nothing the first day, nothing the second, then an inch. I’ve dropped off using it to two to three times a week” for maintenance.

But boy, will you pay Nancy or others dearly for that reputed inch off your legs.

A 30-day supply will run you $56, she says; a smaller, “economy” 4-ounce tube $23.95. Several brands are available in Washington.

The cream became an overnight craze last fall, when media reports circulated about the until-then obscure


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