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Legislative Action

Wed., March 8, 1995

Signed By Governor

SB1058 (Education) Revamps the way staff allowances are computed in the educational support program.

HB61 (Speaker) Sets up procedure for recording the natural father’s name on a birth certificate.

HB129 (Revenue and Taxation) Makes technical corrections in the sales tax law.

Sent To Governor

SB1084 (Judiciary and Rules) Amends Idaho laws on death penalty sentences.

SB1066 (Health and Welfare) Provides that there shall be no reduction of pharmacy reimbursement levels for Medicaid under Title XIX of Social Security Act.

SB1103 (Local Government and Taxation) Changes references to “free” libraries to “public” libraries, revises library district election requirements.

SB1113 (Commerce and Human Resources) Requires price or cost quotations from three responsible vendors for expenditures up to $25,000.

SB1181 (Local Government and Taxation) Allows cities to charge and collect fees for the actual cost of maintaining computerized mapping system.

SB1117 (Transportation) Amends laws on public right-of-way.

SB1097 (State Affairs) Allows cancellation of elections in some districts when only one qualified candidate has been nominated for a position to be filled.

SB1125 (Resources and Environment) Brings election dates for irrigation districts into conformity with consolidated election law.

SB1232 (Finance) Appropriates $3.9 million to Public Utilities Commission for fiscal year 1996 operations.

HB252 (Health and Welfare) Expands the elements of an estate that can be attached for recovery of medical assistance costs.

HB176 (Judiciary, Rules and Administration) Ends legal recognition of common law marriages on Jan. 1, 1996.

HB177 (Judiciary, Rules and Administration) Repeals authorization for imposition of sentences in drug cases below the mandatory minimums.

HB160 (Education) Authorizes governing authority of a proprietary school to confer a degree consistent with accrediting requirements.

HB187 (Transportation and Defense) Provides for release-of-liability statement to be sent to the state upon sale of a vehicle.

HB218 (Transportation and Defense) Revamps procedures for older timber and classic car license plates.

HB256 (Transportation and Defense) Exempts manure haulers from Public Utilities Commission regulation.

HB205 (Agricultural Affairs) Increases bond for farm produce dealers.

HB206 (Agricultural Affairs) Authorizes fire officials to enforce the Life Safety Code by inspection under the state pesticide regulation law.

HB207 (Agricultural Affairs) Modifies operations of the Grazing District boards.

HB264 (Agricultural Affairs) Clarifies that chemigating without a license is a civil violation.

HB238 (Business) Revamps state banking laws extending to state banks the powers of national banks.

HB27 (Speaker) Deletes expiration date for the employment security law.

HB49 (Speaker) Refines restrictions and proscriptions associated with Real Estate Brokers licenses.

HB116 (Business) Imposes surplus requirements on domestic mutual and reciprocal insurers.

Defeated In Senate

SB1210 (Judiciary and Rules) Authorized attorney’s fees to be paid to people who successfully represent themselves.

Introduced In House

HB355 (Ways and Means) Extends Idaho’s participation in Grizzly Bear Management Oversight Committee to July 1, 1997.

HB356 (Revenue and Taxation) Clarifies that related party exemption from sales tax includes not only initial transfer but also subsequent transfers between related parties.

HB357 (Revenue and Taxation) Allows cities over 10,000 population to impose resort sales taxes.

HB358 (Appropriations) Appropriates $187,000 to Department of Juvenile Corrections for current budget.

HB359 (Appropriations) Appropriates $7.8 million to State Liquor Dispensary for fiscal year 1996.

HB360 (Appropriations) Appropriates $44,700 to Commission on Women’s Programs for fiscal year 1996.

HB361 (Appropriations) Appropriates $1.32 million to state treasurer’s office for 1996.

Introduced In Senate

SCR123 (State Affairs) Creates a special legislative committee to study the Catastrophic Health Care Program.

SB1249 (Finance) Allocates $4.9 million for 1996 operations of the Department of Insurance.

SB1250 (Finance) Allocates $97,500 for 1996 operations for the lieutenant governor.

SB1251 (Finance) Allocates $3.3 million for 1996 operations of the Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

SB1252 (Finance) Allocates $457,900 for 1996 operations of the Endowment Fund Investment Board.

SB1253 (Judiciary and Rules) Makes technical corrections in the Department of Juvenile Corrections law.

SB1254 (Judiciary and Rules) Increases legislative control over administrative regulations.

SB1255 (State Affairs) Clarifies status of water that does not qualify as an exempt domestic purpose.

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