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The five figure skating pairs expected to contend for a title hold the top five spots after the first day at the World Championships in Birmingham, England.

Last year’s silver medalists, Radka Kovarikova and Rene Novotny of the Czech Republic, were in first place. European champions Mandy Woetzel and Ingo Steuer of Germany were second, defending champions Yevgenia Shishkova and Vadim Naumov of Russia were third, fellow Russians Marina Yeltsova and Andrey Bushkov were fourth, and the U.S. tandem of Jenni Meno and Todd Sand logged in at No. 5.

Hockey great Wayne Gretzky became the sole owner of the world’s most valuable baseball card when he bid $225,500 for the mint condition 1910 Honus Wagner during a brief bankruptcy court hearing.

Gretzky acquired 100 percent of the one-of-a-kind card he and bankrupt sports executive Bruce McNall bought together for a record $451,000 four years ago.

Gerald McClellan was taken off a life support machine as he began to regain consciousness, 11 days after suffering brain injuries in a world title fight.

USC is negotiating with longtime Duke assistant Tommy Amaker to become the Trojans’ basketball coach, but the principle hang-up is money, sources told the Los Angeles Times.