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The Slice Maybe Ignoring Screw-Ups Is The Real Spokane Thing

Thu., March 9, 1995

It was a weekend matinee at the Magic Lantern and there was something wrong with the projector.

The movie would appear for a few moments and then the screen would go blank and the lights would come up. This happened several times.

During one of the stoppages two different clusters of chuckling moviegoers described the theater’s ineptness as a Spokane thing.

No, we thought, it’s a Magic Lantern thing.

But it made us wonder. How often does some demonstration of incompetence or inadequacy get written off as a Spokane thing? And why don’t people who live here feel like they are insulting themselves when they say that? Because, a friend said later, expecting screw-ups isn’t the issue. It’s not letting the screw-ups get to you that’s the real Spokane thing.

Here’s the rub: When Luann Doughty was on a Spokane jury unexpectedly sequestered overnight, the bag of toiletries presented to the female jurors mistakenly contained nothing but mentholated jelly.

VCR alert: It has been suggested that people who carefully study TV listings to plan their viewing are not exactly living rich, full lives. But take note. The next few weeks offer a stellar lineup of Oscar-winning movies on several cable channels.

Slice answers: The difference between Spokane men and passenger-seat dummies? Readers said the dummies smoke less, have a deeper appreciation of classical music, don’t yell at other motorists, spend less time stomping on an imaginary brake pedal, are superior conversationalists, dress better, are not flatulent, aren’t as fat, have better income prospects, don’t spit out the window, will ask directions and do not turn up the radio to tune out the woman behind the wheel.

Today’s Slice question: If you had to live in an Inland Northwest without lakes or an Inland Northwest without trees, which would you choose?


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