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All-Ages Punk Extravaganza At Manito Masonic

There’ll be an all-ages punk rock extravaganza at the Manito Masonic Temple Saturday at 7 p.m. The bill is made up entirely of Spokane bands, including:

Guitarded: A power-pop configuration featuring former Young Brians and Big Feeling members.

Fatty Lumpkin: Originally from Neptune, this band blasts out a horrific and utterly psychotic punk rock sound.

Junior Rodeo Daredevils: A Bellywipe spin-off with a feverish punk sound all its own.

Cause: A young, hard-core band that garners a strong, loyal following with the all-ages crowd.

Clabberhag: A brand new all-female trio, which has two members under the age of 18. The band is young but it plays like an experienced veteran.

The Manito Masonic is located at 2725 S. Grand.

Admission is $4.