Legislative Action

FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 1995


HB99 (Business) Authorizes real estate brokers to do business as limited liability companies.

HB5 (Speaker) Sets up procedures for voluntary surrender of real estate licenses.

HB10 (Speaker) Increases allowable loads on certain tandem axles.

HB17 (Speaker) Establishes the use of the Idaho Coordinate System of 1983 in land surveying.

HB20 (Speaker) Adopts Model Disclosure Act for Idaho insurers.

HB38 (Speaker) Revises hunting license revocation procedures.

HB39 (Speaker) Allows purchase of sportsmen licenses by telephone.

HB44 (Speaker) Broadens prohibition against lying on sportsmen license application.

HB70 (Speaker) Clarifies county budgeting procedures.

HB152 (State Affairs) Limits conditions under which one telephone company must offer dialing parity to others.

HB159 (Agricultural Affairs) Modifies veterinary medicine laws.

HB165 (Judiciary, Rules and Administration) Limits the right to have an appointed attorney to cases where at least six months in jail is possible.

HB166 (Judiciary, Rules and Administration) Prohibits suspension or withholding of sentences in drug trafficking cases.

HB168 (Judiciary, Rules and Administration) Imposes criminal penalties for escape from a juvenile facility.

HB208 (Agricultural Affairs) Repeals outdated law allowing sellers of sacked products to deduct the weight of the sack.

HB209 (Agricultural Affairs) Repeals outdated laws on agricultural product loss or fraud.

HB210 (Agricultural Affairs) Repeals outdated reference to glanders disease.

HB211 (Agricultural Affairs) Repeals outdated requirement for insurance statement on withdrawal of commodities from storage.

HB253 (Health and Welfare) Clarifies details of operation of the central cancer registry fund.

HB287 (Appropriations) Makes an emergency appropriation to the Department of Administration for information technology.


SB1075 (Education) Provides for a minimum distribution amount for each school district.

SB1109 (Commerce and Human Resources) Establishes supplemental benefit plan under Public Employee Retirement System.

SB1130 (State Affairs) Eliminates requirement for statement of corporate duration if corporation is perpetual.

SB1074 (Commerce and Human Resources) Provides that insurance director shall accept, in lieu of Idaho deposit, certain deposits maintained in other states by foreign title insurers.

SB1060 (Judiciary and Rules) Places Idaho State Police under direct supervision of director of Department of Law Enforcement.

SB1145 (Health and Welfare) Authorizes a judge in a divorce proceeding to recognize a grandparent with whom the child is actually residing as having the same standing as a parent in evaluating custody arrangements.

HB204 (Agricultural Affairs) Revises the wheat and barley checkoff program to offset the impact of Canadian grain on the promotional effort.

HB174 (Business) Clarifies who can perform functions of mortician or funeral director.

HB130 (Revenue and Taxation) Removes time limit on enforcing sales tax laws against people who have collected the tax but not paid it to the state.

HB132 (Revenue and Taxation) Makes technical corrections in the income tax laws.

HB260 (Transportation and Defense) Allows counties to continue paying the salary of employees on duty with the military.

HB270 (State Affairs) Moves up the filing deadline for independent candidates to coincide with the deadline for political party candidates.


William Parish, Moscow to the Aeronautics Advisory Board.

Anne Glass, Boise to the Public Employee Retirement System Board.


HCR15 (Education) Included Hepatitis B in diseases covered by immunizations for school children.

HCR16 (Education) Included Hepatitis B in diseases covered by immunizations for preschool children.

HJM4 (Ways and Means) Urges the Land Board to resist any attempt to revoke the Boise Jaycees’ title to the land where the Table Rock Cross is sited.


SCR124 (State Affairs) Creates a special committee to study implementation of the optional forms of county government amendment.

SB1260 (Finance) Earmarks $1 million from the Water Management Fund for East Snake River Plain Aquifer recharge and a study on damming the Bear River.

SB1261 (Finance) Allocates $6.4 million for 1996 operations of the Department of Labor and Industrial Services.

SB1262 (Finance) Allocates $11.7 million for 1996 operations of the Vocational Education program.

SB1263 (Finance) Allocates $20.6 million for 1996 operations of the Department of Agriculture.

SB1264 (Finance) Allocates $6 million for 1996 operations of the state School for the Deaf and Blind.

SB1265 (Finance) Allocates $19 million for 1996 operations of the court system.

SB1266 (Finance) Allocates $2.7 million for 1996 operations of public television.

SB1267 (Finance) Restores the job of administrator of veterans services.

SB1268 (State Affairs) Rewrites the state water quality laws.

SB1269 (Finance) Allocates $168.5 million for 1996 operations of the three universities and Lewis-Clark State College.

SB1270 (Judiciary and Rules) Sets up state regulation of managed medical care plans.

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