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Legislative Action

Sent To Governor

HB271 (Ways and Means) Repeals the legislative committee on personnel matters.

HB310 (State Affairs) Requires delivery of a current prospectus upon confirmation of a security sale.

HB173 (Business) Authorizes money deposit instead of performance bonds for manufactured home dealers.

HB309 (State Affairs) Establishes the Idaho Collection Agency Act.

HB240 (Business) Allows nonlicensed barbers to teach at a barber college after taking a six-month course.

HB297 (State Affairs) Requires board of examiners authorization of accrued vacation beyond set limits for state workers.

HB311 (State Affairs) Establishes the model Fraternal Benefit Societies code in Idaho.

HB345 (Agricultural Affairs) Limits liability for aerial pesticide applicators near ratite farms.

HB171 (Education) Authorizes homeschoolers and others to enroll in public school activities and courses.

HB303 (Education) Authorizes the professional standards commission to select a chairman for hearings into alleged unethical conduct by teachers.

HB202 (Transportation and Defense) Expands the Transportation Board to six district members and adds a nonvoting chairman.

HB257 (Transportation and Defense) Sets procedures for handling worthless fuel tax accounts.

HB272 (Revenue and Taxation) Revises special fuel tax laws.

HB291 (State Affairs) Requires information on state’s open range laws to be included in certain Transportation Department materials.

SB1249 (Finance) Appropriates $4.9 million to Department of Insurance for 1996 operations.

SB1251 (Finance) Appropriates $3.3 million to Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired for 1996 operations.

SB1252 (Finance) Appropriates $457,900 to Endowment Fund Investment Board for 1996 operations.

SB1250 (Finance) Appropriates $97,500 to lieutenant governor’s office for 1996 operations.

SB1141 (Education) Increases compensation to members of the State Historical Society Board.

SB1212 (State Affairs) Provides that an applicant for position of paid fireman who fails to meet department standards for employment shall not be eligible for employment and department must provide notice of ineligibility to the employer.

SB1227 (Judiciary and Rules) Changes the Idaho Office on Aging to Idaho Commission on Aging with seven-member commission serving at the pleasure of the governor.

SB1256 (Finance) Appropriates $663,600 for Human Rights Commission for 1996 operations.

SB1257 (Finance) Appropriates $3.54 million to secretary of state’s office for 1996 operations.

SB1258 (Finance) Appropriates $9.79 million to state controller’s office for 1996 operations.

SB1259 (Finance) Appropriates $9.47 million to State Insurance Fund for 1996 operations.

SB1260 (Finance) Appropriates $1 million for deposit into Water Management Fund to buy water for recharge of Snake River Plain Aquifer.

SB1239 (State Affairs) Clarifies definitions in insurance laws covering guaranty associations.

SB1093 (Judiciary and Rules) Provides that small claims court has jurisdiction in cases for the recovery of personal property valued at less than $3,000.

SB1245 (Judiciary and Rules) Suspends until July 1, 1997, enforcement of law requiring suspension of driving privileges upon the failure of tests for alcohol concentration, drugs or other intoxicating substances.

SB1247 (Judiciary and Rules) Makes the job of Payette County prosecutor full time.

SB1253 (Judiciary and Rules) Amends Juvenile Corrections Act to provide for community-based programs operated by a county.

SB1254 (Judiciary and Rules) Specifies when administrative rules become effective and requiring approval by governor of temporary rules.

Confirmed By Senate

Camille Tillinghast, Boise to the Commission for Pardons and Parole.

Erval Rainey, Sandpoint to the Water Resource Board.

Jerry Rigby, Rexburg to the Water Resource Board.

Clarence Parr, Heyburn to the Water Resource Board.

Legislative Action Complete

HCR19 (Education) Urges use of “The Book of Virtue” in school curriculum development.

Killed By Senate

HB294 (Education) Includes evaluations of subordinates in the performance assessment of school principals.

Killed By House

HB348 (Education) Requires school boards to conduct criminal background checks on first-time applicants for employment.

Introduced In House

HB387 (Appropriations) Appropriates $40 million for Division of Environmental Quality and INEL Oversight in Department of Health and Welfare for 1996 operations.

Introduced In Senate

SB1278 (Finance) Allocates $2.65 million for technology at the higher education institutions and libraries.

SB1279 (Finance) Allocates $280 million for 1996 operations of the state Transportation Department.

SB1280 (Finance) Allocates $24.6 million for 1996 operations of the Department of Lands.

SB1281 (Finance) Allocates $19 million for 1996 operations of the Department of Juvenile Corrections.

SB1282 (Finance) Allocates $12.2 million for 1996 operations of the attorney general’s office.

SB1283 (Finance) Allocates $7.4 million to the Catastrophic Health Care Fund.

SB1284 (State Affairs) Revises state water quality laws.

SB1285 (Finance) Allocates $502 million for 1996 operations of the Division of Health and Division of Welfare.

SB1286 (Finance) Allocates $137 million for 1996 operations of the Division of Family and Community Services and Division of Community Rehabilitation.