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Makers Discover Enthusiastic Audiences In European Venues

‘I can see why bands always want to go back,” said Makers manager Vic Mostly, speaking of the band’s recent tour of Europe.

“The audiences over there are uncommonly psychotic and very appreciative,” Mostly continued. “Playing three encores a night was not unusual.”

The Makers, the first Spokane band to make the trek to Europe, spent more than two weeks there, doing 12 shows in France, Holland, Belgium and Germany.

According to Mostly, the band, which plays a homecoming gig at the Big Dipper tonight, was given the rock star treatment. Its transportation, hotel accommodations, eating expenses and fines (it’s a long story) were paid by the venues and the tour manager.

One thing the band wasn’t used to when it was overseas were the high ticket prices for shows. “People paid the equivalent of 15 American dollars to get into some of the shows,” Mostly said.

Believe it or not, the Makers, known for wreaking havoc on these shores, managed to stay out of trouble. “They only got into a few scrapes with the law,” noted Mostly.

While the band was playing on a boat in Frankfurt, bassist Donnie Maker allegedly tossed an unruly fan overboard.

Now that the Makers is back in the States, it will concentrate on promoting its recently released album, “All Night Riot,” as well as its new 7-inch EPs, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” and “This is the Answer.”

Mostly and the fearsome gang of Makers are already planning their next invasion. That’s right, sometime in July the Makers will cross the Pacific and spread its filth on Japan.

Spokane’s Ball of Destruction and Junior Rodeo Daredevils will open tonight’s Big Dipper show.

Music begins at 10 p.m. Cover is $6. Bring your I.D.

Elsewhere in the night

Waterman’s Hollow - the band’s from Portland now - plays its “home away from home,” or Mother’s Pub, Saturday.

The former Spokane band will release its second album sometime during the spring.

Seattle’s Give - an honorary Spokane band in that the group plays here all the time and contains two members originally from here - opens along with Blood Blue.

Music at 9 p.m. Tickets are $5. Bring I.D.

Speaking of Give, the rock quintet will play an acoustic set Sunday at 1 p.m. at Java Junky’s for free.

Boise’s Fat John and the Three Slims, literally speaking, plays a weekend stint at the Fort Spokane Brewery.

The band is young, but once you hear it play, your doubts about the group’s influences, competence and talent will be dispelled.

Music starts at 9:30 p.m. Cover is $4. Bring I.D.