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Train-Whistle Bill Keeps Rolling

Sat., March 18, 1995

Legislation which promises to relieve the Valley’s ongoing problems with loud train whistles continues to make its way through the state Legislature.

A bill sponsored by Rep. Larry Crouse, R-Spokane, passed the House recently and has strong support in the Senate.

Sen. Brad Owen, D-Olympia, who chairs the Senate Transportation Committee, said he supports meaures to ease the Valley’s train whistle woes and will bring the House version of the train whistle bill to a vote within the next couple weeks.

The measure, which passed the House last week, would allow Spokane County to ban the blowing of train whistles at gated crossings. The crossings would have to comply with federal standards, which would require that barriers be erected to prevent drivers from crossing the tracks while the gates are down.

Valley lawmakers have introduced similar bills for the last four years, but none has ever before made it out of committee.

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