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Baby Sitter Thwarts Kidnapper Twice

A baby sitter was hailed as a hero for twice pulling a 15-month-old girl from the arms of a would-be kidnapper on Friday.

Stephanie Watts, 18, was caring for Kelsey Tigh and Kelsey’s 3-year-old sister while waiting at a school bus stop, when a man walked up and snatched Kelsey from her stroller, Watts said.

She pulled the girl out of his arms and fled to a nearby house.

The owner refused to let her in, saying later she thought it was a domestic squabble. Watts said she hovered over the two girls, keeping her back to the man.

“He told me if I didn’t give her to him, he’d kill us,” Watts said.

When the school bus arrived, the driver told Watts to get on. But the attacker blocked the door and grabbed Watts. The bus driver then called police.

The man snatched Kelsey again, but Watts pulled the baby back.

When police arrived, they arrested Tony Bankhead, 33.

His brother told police Bankhead has a history of mental instability.

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