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Iraq Refuses Visits With Detainees

Polish diplomats and Red Cross officials have been unable to visit two Americans held by Iraq despite repeated requests, Polish television news reported Sunday.,

“For five days we have been asking to see the detained Americans, so far unsuccessfully,” Michel Ducruaux, head of the International Red Cross, told the Wiadowmosci evening news program in Warsaw, Poland.

Poland, which has a number of construction workers in Baghdad, has handled American interests there since the United States broke off diplomatic relations with Iraq before the 1991 Gulf War.

The United States has not identified the two Americans, but Kathy Daliberti of Jacksonville, Fla., told The Florida Times-Union newspaper that one of the men is her husband, David, 41.

The Arab Times identified the other detainee as Bill Barloon and said his family was in Kuwait. Barloon’s brother, Ed Barloon of Rosemount, in suburban Minneapolis, confirmed the identity Sunday.

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