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Wwii Revisionist Theories Just A Bunch Of Hogwash

Thu., March 23, 1995, midnight

Spoilsport World War II veterans are ruining President Clinton’s V-J Day plans for September. Oops! Make that his “End of the Pacific War” ceremonies. It was bad enough that GI Joe insisted on winning the Pacific war (instead of pulling out, a la Vietnam). But now, 50 years later, he’s claiming Japan was the bad guy. Imagine! The Clinton administration has dropped those nasty “Victory Over Japan” references because Japanese Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama has been invited to the golden anniversary ceremonies, and the president doesn’t want to embarrass him. With all the hand-wringing - by Clinton, the Smithsonian Institution and the U.S. Postal Service, which decided not to print a commemorative A-bomb stamp - you’d think our vets were rude for fighting on after Pearl Harbor. Jack Donohoe, a Bataan Death March survivor from Spokane, best summed up this revisionism as “a lot of crap.”

Real (sports)men don’t bait Smokey the Bear

Animal-huggers are dead right in seeking a ban on bear baiting. That’s the unsportsmanlike practice of using dead livestock, meat or sweet-smelling foods to lure bears. A spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States called bear baiting “the moral and sporting equivalent of shooting a bear in a cage at a zoo.” Only 10 of 27 states with bear hunting allow bait to be used. Unfortunately, Idaho and Washington are among them. Idaho Republican leaders tried to short-circuit this issue with a bill that would have outlawed game management by citizen initiative, but public outcry forced them to back off. Now, the powers that be should jettison this dastardly practice.

Hassell makes the right call in tiebreaker

Coeur d’Alene Mayor Al Hassell showed Tuesday he still has the right stuff. He voted wisely, breaking a 3-3 tie, against a proposed annexation that would have extended city boundaries across the Spokane River. A Spokane family wants to develop Blackwell Island holdings into an RV park with up to 291 units and a large office building. But the proposal has problems. First, an old landfill is located on the site, which is below flood plain level. That’s a formula for environmental disaster. Then, the city has to be cautious with annexations now that the Legislature, in its wisdom, has refused to extend the authority to impose impact fees; the city has its hands full servicing the needs of its current residents. Fortunately, Hassell and three council members know that.


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