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Seattle Hears Plan To Stop School Violence

A $1.5 million program to stop violence in Seattle’s public schools has been proposed to the city’s School Board.

The plan, which was presented to the board Wednesday night, has three major elements: anti-violence studies at all grade levels, removal of violent or potentially violent youngsters from regular programs, and a serious effort to end truancy.

The seven-member board asked Superintendent William Kendrick for an implementation plan.

Anti-violence programs are already included in the curricula of one-fourth of the district’s schools.

If the new proposal is approved by the School Board next month, such programs then would be in place in all schools during the next four years, said John Humphrie, the district’s director of student placement who headed the Safe Schools Committee.

The committee was made up of 25 members from the Police Department, churches, city government and community anti-violence groups, along with school personnel.About 300 middle-school students each year likely would be sent to “re-entry” school for each semester each year.Humphrie said between 150 and 200 high schoolers would be required to stay out of “regular” school for a full year.

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