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Intersection Must Be Fixed

Tue., March 28, 1995, midnight

(From Hot Potatoes Column, Thursday, March 30, 1995:) Jennifer Stokes’ doctor made this comment about a dangerous Northwest Boulevard intersection: “We have to do something about that intersection.” A “Hot Potato” Tuesday attributed the quote to the young woman fatally injured in an accident there a week ago. Sorry.

Everyone who has turned from Lincoln Way onto busy Northwest Boulevard in Coeur d’Alene knows how dangerous that intersection is. In fact, 1994 Coeur d’Alene High School graduate Jennifer Stokes remarked to her mother Thursday, “We have to do something about that intersection.”

On the west side, the road slopes up at an angle onto Northwest Boulevard. Unfortunately, the intersection provides one of only two exits from North Idaho College and the historic Fortgrounds area.

Later Thursday morning, Jennifer Stokes was fatally injured in a traffic accident at the intersection after an NIC class.

At one time, the Coeur d’Alene City Council considered blocking off part of the intersection. Maybe now council members have the motivation to fix this intolerable problem.

Fox right to be wary of ‘Goals 2000’

Idaho state schools Superintendent Anne Fox isn’t all wet, nor is she alone in opposing federal “Goals 2000” money. Many fear the money comes with politically correct strings and federal control attached. Recently, the Montana Legislature refused to spend its “Goals 2000” share of $6.5 million. Meanwhile, the Idaho House rejected a bill that would have forced Fox to accept the federal funding. But the omniscient, appointed state Board of Education overruled Fox and accepted Idaho’s share of $448,000. Republican Attorney General Al Lance said he doesn’t see ties between “Goals 2000” and controversial “outcome-based” education. Let’s hope he’s right.

Idaho Legislature still gets a B-minus

The B-minus grade given to the Idaho Legislature by our editorial board for the 1995 session must have been on the money. Consider: In Saturday’s edition, Republicans gave the Republican-dominated Legislature an A-minus; Democrats awarded a C-minus. Politics color reality. Democratic Chairman Bill Mauk marked the session down because legislators didn’t provide workers’ compensation for farm workers (as they should have), and he didn’t like the state Department of Education’s performance in setting the public schools budget. (Mauk ignores the fact that state schools Superintendent Anne Fox asked for $18 million more than the Republicans OK’d.) The Republicans praised themselves for passing Gov. Phil Batt’s $40 million tax cut and creating a Department of Juvenile Justice. I applaud them for getting in and out of Boise in only 68 days and not causing more mischief.

MEMO: “Hot Potatoes” is a feature of the Tuesday and Thursday Opinion pages.

“Hot Potatoes” is a feature of the Tuesday and Thursday Opinion pages.

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