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Husband Arrested On Assault Charges

The husband of a Kootenai County Jail clerk got an up-close look at his wife’s workplace Tuesday.

He was behind bars for allegedly threatening his wife with a revolver.

Kootenai County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Kenneth Lee Harrison, 37, of Rathdrum, on aggravated assault charges.

Renee R. Harrison, 35, told investigators that her husband came home at 10 p.m. The two began arguing, and he allegedly threatened to kill her.

When Renee Harrison tried to call police, her husband allegedly ripped the phone out of the wall. According to police reports, the couple then argued about the stereo, with him turning it up and her turning it down. Eventually, she snipped the speaker wires with scissors. Then she went back to bed.

At that point, Kenneth Harrison allegedly pointed a revolver at his wife, told her it was loaded, and pulled the trigger. The gun didn’t discharge.

“That’s it,” she reportedly said, then went downstairs to call 911. Her husband followed her. She dodged him, drove to a nearby pay phone and called the sheriff’s department.