Police Finally Catch Up To Big Boy ‘Killers’


The grisly Big Boy whodunit was solved Tuesday.

Eight men, most of them college students, admitted to police that they and two younger friends stole the cheery, 300-pound restaurant icon on March 17, dismembered him with a hacksaw and dumped his remains at other Big Boy restaurants in the area with notes that declared: “Big Boy is Dead.”


“We were bored,” said 18-year-old Tom Martinez.

The eight will probably be charged with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor that could land them in jail for 60 days and cost them more $3,000 to pay for the pudgy, 6-foot Big Boy, Detective Ron Scanlon said.

Two other suspects - both juveniles - failed to surrender as expected Tuesday.

The group of 10 took the fiberglass, hamburger-toting statue to an apartment and debated what to do with it when one suggested they “chop him up,” Scanlon said.

“They just wanted to take the Big Boy. But then one thing led to another and the kids started dismembering him. They took the head and cut it off. Somebody else took an arm, a leg,” Scanlon said.

“The long saga is over,” said Dave Nelson, manager of the restaurant where the statue was purloined. “We know who killed Big Boy. We can all rest a little bit easier.”

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