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Kurds Arrested For Car Bombing In Northern Iraq

Three Iraqi Kurds accused of setting off a car bomb that killed 94 people in a bazaar in northern Iraq last month have been arrested, an Iraqi Kurdish official said Wednesday.

The three were arrested in the northern Iraqi town of Dohuk, controlled by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, or KDP, said party spokesman Safeen Dizayhe.

Dizayhe said they confessed to carrying out the attack under orders from the rival Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, or PUK.

The KDP and the PUK have been engaged in a power struggle in northern Iraq since May.

One suspect, Salih Osman, told the Istanbul daily Milliyet in a prison interview that he belonged to the PUK and received $100,000 to set off the bomb in the border town of Zakho, which is controlled by the KDP.

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