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Squawfish Bounty

SUNDAY, MAY 7, 1995


The Bonneville Power Administration has sweetened the pot for anglers who want to make big bucks fishing for squawfish.

Beginning this week, BPA began its fourth year of paying $3 awards for each squawfish over 11 inches long caught from portions of the Columbia and Snake rivers.

This year, however, ardent anglers can earn even more. After a fisherman registers 100 squawfish, the award goes up to $4 a fish. Anglers who catch 400 squawfish will begin earning $5 a fish.

Special tagged fish are worth $50. Derbies in portions of the rivers offer awards of up to $500.

The squawfish program is designed in cooperation with state fisheries departments to reduce predators that have an impact on endangered salmon.

Anglers must register before going fishing and must return the squawfish to designated checkpoints. Info: (800) 622-4520.

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