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Mon., May 8, 1995

Freeing up some free speech

County planners told the Board of Commissioners they want to work against Initiative 164, which requires government to compensate landowners if regulations hurt their property values. Being politically active is within their rights, but with commissioners Steve Hasson and Phil Harris supporting I-164, they wanted some assurances their careers won’t suffer for exercising those rights. … No problem, the two commissioners said, providing it’s on the planners’ own time. “It seems a little self-serving is all,” said Hasson. “Their jobs will be directly impacted” by the initiative. … Now that would be novel, support or opposition for a law based on a self-serving reason. We’re sure no Realtors in the Legislature had any such motive in voting for the initiative.

Job opening at the courthouse

Want to be a county commissioner? There is an opening coming up, and the Spokane County Democratic Party is looking for some good nominees to place before the two Republicans on the Board of Commissioners who will pick Skip Chilberg’s replacement. … Here’s what it takes to be considered for their short list: Send the county Democrats a letter which states your reasons for seeking the post, along with signatures from 10 Democratic precinct committee officers who support your candidacy. This is a partisan post, so be expected to prove your party credentials as well as your ability to spend taxpayer money and settle zoning disputes. … The Democratic Central Committee will vote on applicants in June, sending up to three nominees to the commissioners. … Get those letters to the committee by mail to 2500 E. Sprague, Spokane 99202, or by fax to 535-9242, by May 31.

He could be a contender

Longtime Spokane politico Bob Dellwo wants folks to know he’s “being urged” to run for the City Council seat of Joel Crosby, who announced last week he won’t seek re-election. … In a handwritten note to The Spokesman-Review, Dellwo - who lost his seat to Orville Barnes in 1991 - asked that future stories on the vacant seat mention his name as a possible contender.

For urban village people

Know what an urban village is? Neither do we. But the Washington Environmental Council is bringing together four experts who can explain what it is and how it might improve quality of life in Spokane. It’s part of the Creating the Future series. The “interactive gathering” starts Wednesday at 6:50 p.m., at the downtown public library.

Getting involved

The mayor’s office seeks Spokane city residents to fill the following spots:

The Chase Youth Commission has openings, two for adults, two for youths. Applications must be in by May 19.

The Citizens Review Commission has four openings for the general public. Applications must be in by May 26.

State Labor and Industries needs an employer willing to sit on the state Apprenticeship and Training Council, which helps provide training programs for everything from firefighters to legal secretaries. Send a letter of nomination and a biographical profile by May 19 to: Robin White, Apprenticeship Program Manager, Dept. of Labor & Industries, PO Box 44530, Olympia 98504-4530.

“Public Periscope,” published every Monday, is compiled by Jim Camden from staff reports. If you have a question about local government, growth or development, we’d like to help you find an answer. Write us at Box 2160, Spokane 99210. Or leave us a message by calling Cityline at 458-8800 on a Touch-Tone phone and pressing 9120.

xxxx HOT TOPICS Tuesday: The Cheney City Council discusses whether to pave the 3.5-mile trail connecting the city to Fish Lake, a move some residents argue is tough on horses and encourages speed-demon skaters and bikers. 7:30 p.m., Cheney City Hall, 609 Second. Wednesday: The City Plan Commission will decide whether a 1,500-acre chunk of the Moran Prairie should be annexed. Public testimony is over and annexation discussion follows hearings on improvement plans for Latah Creek and Garry Park neighborhoods. 1:30 p.m., second floor, Spokane City Hall.

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