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The Slice We Know You’re One Of The Elite

Unless your day-after soreness is somehow special, keep it to yourself.

Gull 1, Gloria 0: Gloria Cash was standing outside the Opera House when one of the white birds bombed her bigtime. “My daughter said it was the most memorable part of her graduation,” wrote Cash.

Maybe you CAN please everybody: Spokane’s Howard Stien created a bumper sticker that says “BE A CONSERVATIVE. LET RUSH DO YOUR THINKING.” And, well, he can tell the story. “The intent of it was to pester the fans of Rush Limbaugh,” he wrote. “My liberal friends totally enjoy the satire of it, but much to my surprise my conservative friends tend to take it literally and they applaud it as well. This may be the first political bumper sticker that offends no one. Where did I go wrong?”

Gee, this looks familiar: Kimberly Taverniti-Martyn’s mother and stepfather stopped by a friend’s garage sale and discovered (priced and displayed) a gelatin mold and golf club they had loaned to the person holding the sale.

More garage/yard sale finds: Colleen and Steve Lippert bought an old rocking chair in Boulder, Colo., seven years ago. “And it has been with us in four states and has been used so much to rock our two young daughters that the middle slat in the seat has broken. We’ll replace the slat and maybe we’ll be rocking our grandchildren in it.”

Tip for newcomers: No, Spokane doesn’t have 80 other school districts.

Warm-up question for bookstore/ video clerks: What titles are people embarrassed to bring to the counter?

Today’s Slice question: If there was an 11th commandment just for the Inland Northwest, what would it say?


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