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The Slice St. Mom’s Day Sounds Great To This Mother

Hey, if the halo fits….

Megan Majnarich, 3, calls the upcoming observance “St. Mother’s Day.” Her mom, Melisa, corrected her at first. But upon reflection, she decided she sort of likes the way “St. Mother’s Day” sounds.

Memories inside: Four or five years ago, Hap Thieschafer bought a chest at a yard sale. Its drawers were lined with newspaper. He started examining the individual pages and found that one, from 1969, included the obituary written about his beloved father-in-law.

He’s forgetting about that scene in “Body Heat”: “To me, wind chimes offer further evidence of the 7-Elevenization of home ownership, in which people feel compelled to clutter their yards with all manner of tacky eyesores.” - columnist Kevin Cowherd, The Baltimore Sun

Steamed rice on Line 3: It probably happens all the time. But we had never seen it. A guy having lunch downtown at the Thai Cafe got a call on his cellular phone. And while he was dealing with that, he got another call and put the first caller on hold.

In case you need to know: A study published in the Journal of Safety Research asserts that lime-yellow fire trucks are easier to see and therefore safer than red fire trucks.

A wild idea: Leave home without the camcorder once in a while.

Picking up Brand X: Is it possible to buy the Sunday edition of The New York Times without having the counter clerk question your sanity over paying $4.50 for a newspaper? And can you purchase the preview edition of the Sunday Seattle Times/ P-I on Saturday without having to explain how that is possible?

Helping: A neighbor whose wife was gravely ill hadn’t been able to pay any attention to his yard. So, after getting permission, Steve Wedel and Merlin Heintz stepped in. Among other things, they hauled and spread a huge load of beauty bark along the border and shrub areas.

Today’s Slice question: What would a hairstyle called “The Spokane” look like?