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Bottom Lines Columnist Jim Kershner’s Take On The News

We could have done far worse

After hearing the remarks by Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas about Waco, I am more grateful than ever for Rep. George Nethercutt. At least our freshman Republican congressman isn’t a raving paranoid loudmouth.

David Koresh, innocent victim

Rep. Stockman (“Motto: I’m the N.R.A., bought and sold”) said that the government “executed” the Branch Davidians. So let me get this straight. If you start some weirdo cult and start stockpiling weapons and hold all of your own people as hostages and vow to fight to the death if the government tries to make you follow the same laws as the rest of the country, then you automatically qualify as a hero of the N.R.A.

Another cult harassed by big government

Too bad the N.R.A. doesn’t have a branch in Japan. They could give an honorary membership to the Aum Shinri Kyo cult.

This is quite a feat of logic

You’ve got to admire the kind of thinking that makes David Koresh into a martyr, and Sarah Brady, suffering wife of crime victim, into a villain.

Even George has had enough

George Bush has resigned from the N.R.A., fed up with its increasingly paranoid and hysterical rhetoric. You remember George Bush, don’t you? The former jack-booted government thug leader?

Respect, a former conservative virtue

“Jack-booted government thugs” - those are the exact words the N.R.A. used to describe federal agents. How I long for the good old days, when only the radical left used terms like “jack-booted government thugs,” and conservative Americans despised them for it.

Taking a stand is simpler these days

Of course, it’s easy for George Bush to quit the N.R.A. He’s not running for anything.

Taking a stand is dangerous these days

Sen. Bob Dole, on the other hand, has no plans to drop his membership. It could hurt his chances to get elected Thug-In-Chief.


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