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The Real Bombing Tragedy: Victims Are Being Forgotten Letter Of The Week: From May 2

Like millions of other Americans, I have been reading articles on, watching newscasts about and looking at pictures of the disaster in Oklahoma City. I have cried for the dead and I have cried for the living. I have gone home every day and hugged my son and I have thanked God for every precious minute I have with my family.

I am angry.

I am angry at the loss. I am angry for the children. But most of all, I am angry at the excuses and the blame game going on.

So, let me remind everybody of something. Bill and Hillary Clinton did not devise a plan to build a bomb. Rush Limbaugh did not put together that bomb. ATF agents did not park that truck at the federal building. And Newt Gingrich did not cause it to explode.

This tragedy is not about radical talk radio or Waco or too much or too little government. This is about the 1-year-old pictured on the cover of a national magazine who lost her life, and whose parents will never be able to hold her again.

This is about the innocent sons and daughters, mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters who were killed or who are left to pick up the pieces of a shattered life.

So go home and hug your children and remember that if the system needs changing, then change it through legal, nondestructive channels. Hold rallies, make noise, write letters. but don’t murder innocent people and think you can justify it with “It was for the cause.”

I won’t buy it and I hope others won’t, either. No cause is that great. Demeris L. Skaggs Spokane


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