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The Slice What Makes A True Skunk Problem?

Tue., May 16, 1995

Every neighborhood can’t have the worst skunk problem around here.

There can be only one champion. But how should we determine who’s the rightful No. 1?

Beat the rush: Still plenty of choice parking spots left for the Cheney Cowles Museum’s 10th annual Artfest. That’s because the event isn’t until the first weekend in June.

Slice answers: What would a hairstyle called “The Spokane” look like? “My out of town friends call Spokane the town of women with big hair, so obviously it would be pavilion-like and definitely conservative,” wrote Bob Crouch.

Coeur d’Alene’s Elaine Carver Thie wrote: “My husband and I moved to the area last November. We were struck by the similarity of the hairstyles worn by all of the female TV news reporters in Spokane. It’s a collar-length page boy look with a perky flip of bangs on top…We named it the Spokane-do.”

One caller said “The Spokane” would describe bald guys combing over lonely strands of hair. A different reader said it would be hair in the shape of a question mark on an otherwise shaved head.

“Hat hair” said another.

Sweeping Generalizations Department: A Spokane reader complained that lawyers never return his calls. And that got us wondering. Do people in certain professions have identifiable tendencies when it comes to calling back?

Bumpy ride: Spokane’s Kim Susedik guessed that her family would fare pretty well crossing the West in a covered wagon, based on the fact that her ancestors did precisely that.

Right where he left ‘em: Lucinda Harder’s husband forgot something when the couple left Spokane and headed west. But someone in a van on I-90 pulled alongside and reminded him with a hand-written sign, “KEYS IN TRUNK.”

Warm-up questions: How would you rate this area in terms of cloudwatching? Has anyone with the last name “Valley” ever considered naming a child “Spokane”?

Today’s Slice question: Who in the Inland Northwest has to memorize the most security codes and secret passwords?


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