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Following are certificate and medal winners for the 50th annual Greater Spokane Music and Allied Arts Festival. The festival continues through Friday. More winners will be listed in the coming days.

Ballet Division


Class 5, Adjudication, Intermediate B Certificate winners: Megan Reynolds, Sarah Glesk, Katherine Wolters, Tara Severtson, Brittany Koprivica, Heather Kew, Sara Haley, Joslin Streich, Kelly Cross, Mercedes Klein, Katherine Dumasin, Allegra Selvaggio, Maura Brothers, Shannon O’Hare, Sasha Lindblad, Lisa Kvalheim, Rachel Bender.


Class 4, Adjudication, Intermediate A Certificate winners: Jessica Woollett, Megan Laprath, Emily Clark, Lindsey Watts, Andrea Scott, Shivaughn Flis, Alicia Loft, Kelly Zimmer, Anne Frazier, Rachel Zack, Pamela Mitchell, Valentina Garcia-Luste, Brianne Hutton, Sarah Payne, Brooke Neely.


Class 3, Adjudication, Junior B Certificate winners: Genevieve Fernandez, Brianne Cronrite, Jamie Potter, Elizabeth Harrell, Jeremy Pierson, Jessica DeWolf, Rosemary Elison, Amber Hagel, Marisa Glask, Eleanor Tripp, Meghan Perkins.

Class 2, Adjudication, Junior A Certificate winners: Jessica Hilt, Elizabeth Severtson, Megan Harris, Sara Dung, Samantha Cooper, Mikaela Flis (also chosen as a participant in the performance Friday night at The Met).


Class 1A, Adjudication, Senior Variation Certificate winners: Sara Gilpin, Rhonda Green, Sara Radmaker, Karen Green, Sara Morrison, Bryn-Erin Pipes, Whitney Simer, Trisha Davis, Stephanie Booth (also chosen as a participant in the performance Friday night at The Met).



Class 11, Open Concerto, College and Adult: Iris Ip, silver.

Class 1A, Young Artist, Solo: Joseph Capp, silver; Krista-Dawn Jenner, Superior, gold; Carson Keeble, silver.

Class 1B, Young Artist, Sight Reading: KristaDawn Jenner; Superior, gold; Janine Knox, silver.

Class 1, Young Artist: Krista-Dawn Jenner; superior, gold, young artist; Janine Knox, silver; Tomoko Makuuchi, silver.

Class 38, Beethoven, College and Adult: Amy Brown, silver; Archie Chen, superior, gold; Dianna Cline, superior, gold; Miki Kurosawa, silver; Amie McGregor, silver; Joann Wellman, silver.

Class 28, Romantic, College and Adult: Iris Ip, superior, gold; Amie McGregor, silver; Archie Chen, superior, gold; Miki Kurosawa, silver; Amu Brown, silver; Fai Lan, silver; Rachel Seegmiller, silver.

Class 56, Original Composition, Grades 7-College: Fia Lan, superior, gold; Anita Shum, silver; Karen Teel, silver.

Class 44, Contemporary, College and Adult: Fia Lan, silver; Joann Wellman, superior, gold.

Class 32, Impressionist, College and Adult: Archie Chen superior, gold; Anita Shum, superior, gold.

Class 22, J.S. Bach, College and Adult: Archie Chen, superior, gold; Karen Teel, silver.


Class 103, Ensemble, College and Adult: Dianna Cline, superior.

Class 102, Ensemble, Grades 9-12: Eric Pan, superior.

Class 7, Open Concerto, Grades 3-6: Christopher Knapp, superior.

Class 58, Open, Grades 4-6: Clarissa Miller, superior.

Class 13, Concerto, Grades 9-10: Jason Puimette, superior, gold; Brandon Matthews, superior, gold.

Class 42.1, Contemporary, Grade 9: Shelly Fayette, superior, gold; Ashley Malcolm, silver; Shannon Player, silver; Joel Dickerson, superior, gold; Brandon Matthews, silver; Jason Ouimette, superior, gold; Bethany Lemons, silver; Rebecca Corvino, silver; Lilas Harley, superior, gold.

Class 26.2, Romantic, Grade 10: Marin Jacobson, superior, gold; Jori Frakie, silver; Joesph Bozo, gold; Chia-Yuan Liang, superior, gold; Daniel Miller, silver.

Class 26.1, Romantic, Grade 9: Lilas Harley, silver; Esther Kin, superior, gold; Stephanie Williams, superior, gold; Allison Fanning, superior, gold; Jeff Hagen, superior, gold; Yurie Lee, superior, gold; Rebecca Corvino, silver; Shelly Fayette, silver; Armando Tafoya-Garcia, superior, gold.

Class 36, Beethoven, Grades 11-12: Jonathan Hansen, silver; Geoffrey Mosley, superior, gold; Pachi Chen, superior, gold; Esther Won, superior, gold.

Class 18, Impressionist, Grades, 7-8: Jessica Kuo, superior, gold; Steve Park, silver.

Class 27.1, Romantic, Grade 11: Barry Smith, superior, gold; Emily Farman, superior, gold; Pachi Chen, superior, gold.

Class 57, Open, Grades 1-3: Lisa Disney, superior; Sally Sandberg, superior; Adam Bernard, superior; Matthew Reed, superior; Hayley Nichols, superior; David Parmely, superior.

Class 30, Impressionist, Grade 9-10: Allison Fanning, superior, silver; Chia-Yuan Liang, superior, gold; Leah Brown, superior, silver.

Class 49, Quick Study, Senior: Tirzah Rossi, superior, gold.

Class 2, Solo, Elementary: Andrew Brumder, superior, silver; Lisa Gonnella, superior, silver; Irina Kuropatko, superior; Kristen Stark, superior, gold; Johnny Owen, superior; LeslieLouise Fowler, superior; Brittany Harrision, superior; Matt Owen, superior; Anders Kukuk, superior; Jenna Tamura, superior; David Wiens, superior.