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New Denver Airport’s Roof Springs Some Leaks

As if there haven’t been enough problems at the new Denver International Airport, it was raining Wednesday. Indoors.

“Now the airport is leaking,” said Eric Kohn, an employee of Boyers Coffee, as he glared at two buckets outside his shop. “I don’t know what’s up with this roof thing.”

A storm sent people scrambling as hail boomed on the tent roof. Maintenance workers brought out 5-gallon plastic buckets to collect drips on the top level, where water still puddled on the floors later in the day.

“There are some minor leaks in the terminal building,” spokesman Steve Klodt said. “Maintenance has determined it was caused by inadequate caulking. It was reported to the roof manufacturer the last time we had a snowfall.”

Meanwhile, skycaps tried to cope with the contrary roof from the outside, where it sent water streaming down onto passengers trying to unload their cars. One airport employee said the water knocked a passenger’s glasses off.

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