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Prosecution Builds ‘Trail Of Blood’ Experts In Dna Testing Link Blood To Simpson

A DNA expert completed the prosecution’s “trail of blood” Wednesday, placing the genetic fingerprints of O.J. Simpson and two murder victims inside his Ford Bronco and on a bloody glove found at his estate.

The DNA of Simpson and his slain ex-wife were discovered on a pair of socks found at the foot of his bed.

The scientific test results provided jurors with the most startling indication yet that Simpson’s blood type can be linked to the blood of his slain ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

California Department of Justice scientist Gary Sims testified that DNA testing known as PCR showed a mixture of blood types from Simpson and the victims, in varying amounts, on the center console of the Bronco and on a wrist notch of the glove found at Simpson’s estate.

He also said three blood stains taken at the murder scene, from a gate outside Ms. Simpson’s condominium, were consistent with Simpson’s DNA type. Ms. Simpson and Goldman could not have been the source of the stains, he said.

Although prosecutors pledged in opening statements they would link Simpson to the victims in a “trail of blood” from the crime scene to Simpson’s bedroom through DNA analysis, it was not known how they planned to do it. On Wednesday, they used color charts, photographs and DNA X-rays - coupled with Sims’ scientific testimony.

Jurors listened attentively but some seemed overwhelmed by the numbers being thrown at them. Several jurors rubbed their eyes or took swigs of bottled water. Others concentrated on note-taking.

The results came at them in a drumbeat of letters and numbers they would hear again and again. Simpson’s genetic type, in a form of PCR testing known as DQ-Alpha, was 1.1, 1.2. His type under another PCR test known as D1S80 was 24, 25.

Simpson alternately chatted with his attorneys or took notes. He appeared unsurprised by the testimony.

Later, Sims tried to show population frequencies for Simpson’s genetic type.

He said one in 12 blacks could have the same genetic markers as Simpson - but only according to one very limited DNA test. When combined with a second genetic test, the figure rose to one in 570 for blacks, he said.

He also testified that one test on the glove, multiplied by six genetic markers, sent figures soaring, placing Simpson’s gene type as one in 41 billion blacks.

Defense attorneys objected that Sims does not have the academic credentials to give population calculations, but Superior Court Judge Lance Ito disagreed and allowed him to testify. Ito reserved ruling until Thursday on whether Sims can combine his figures with those provided by another expert to produce even more astronomical odds that Simpson’s is the blood in question.

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