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New York Shamed By Drunk Cops ‘This Will Never, Ever Happen Again,’ Says Mayor Giuliani

Sun., May 21, 1995, midnight

New York City police investigators have obtained the guest registries from several Washington hotels to help them hunt down the drunken participants in last weekend’s rowdy rampage, officials said yesterday.

The probe, which returned a team of detectives from New York’s Internal Affairs Bureau to Washington yesterday, now could result in criminal charges.

In one case, Metropolitan D.C. Police Inspector Clarence Dickerson said yesterday that two New York cops are suspected of robbing a Department of Defense engineer of $200 and some uniform patches.

The victim, who was staying at the Hyatt Regency, told Washington police that two officers roughed him up before making off with the money and patches.

“The victim believes they were New York City police officers,” said Dickerson. “We do have some suspects in mind, and we’re pursuing the leads.”

Investigators also are looking at criminal charges in the vandalism of a police cruiser from Somerville, Mass., that was parked at a Holiday Inn where New York City cops where staying. Dickerson said the emergency roof lights of the vehicle were ripped from the car.

The incidents have cast the entire NYPD behind a shield of shame, and top brass promised yesterday that “heads will roll.”

“This will never, ever happen again, and we will make certain of that,” said Mayor Giuliani. “There will be changes in the way police officers are trained and disciplined.”

As many as 400 off-duty New York officers had traveled to the capital for an annual Fraternal Order of Police memorial for slain colleagues, held at the National Law Enforcement Memorial.

The sobriety of the event was quickly forgotten by many of the attendees, who treated Washington hotels as if they were their own fraternity houses, harassing women, spraying fire extinguishers and sliding naked down a beer-slicked hotel escalator.

Police officers who have attended the event in the past said that drunken debauchery was the norm. One New York detective yesterday said he no longer attends the Fraternal Order of Police function because things had gotten “so out of hand.”

“It would always be the same guys,” the detective said. “You’d turn around, and they’d be naked and drunk.”

So far, no police officer - from New York or Washington - has come forward to identify any of the drunken participants.


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