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The Slice But They Are So Cute With Their Fluffy Tails And Big White Stripe

Gayle McKellar’s family lives outside Colville and encounters with skunks are common.

But one incident stands out. “We had a skunk in the shrubbery right next to our house and its odor seemed to be permeating every room,” she wrote.

It was decided that one of the dogs, a golden retriever, should be sent to flush it out. The faithful pooch heard the command “Fetch” and took it literally, returning with the polecat in its mouth, spraying in all directions.

Sherry Brunson in Ponderay, Idaho, trapped a skunk in her barn. She named it Rosie. Before she could take it to a wildlife rescue center, Rosie gave birth to five babies.

Teri Pieper was home celebrating her birthday when “We noticed a strong smell coming in through the heater vents,” she wrote. “It was like a skunk but more powerful than anything we had ever come across.”

They opened the front door. In burst their two big dogs. “And suddenly the smell was much worse.”

Yes, the dogs had taken direct hits. The house had to be professionally cleaned. “It was certainly a birthday to remember,” she said. “People say I will look back on it and laugh. HA!”

Another reader, who would prefer not to be identified by name, told of a case of skunkus interruptus. The smell coming in through a bedroom window was so strong it forced, um, a timeout during intimate relations until the window could be shut.

Interpret this however you’d like: According to a survey noted by Knight-Ridder news service, women are more likely than men to ask for a raise. But the men who do receive raises tend to get bigger ones.

Moving mountains: “Mt. Rainer (sic) is located in the southern part of Seattle, Washington.” - from The (Bangor, Pa.) Press, passed along by Spokane’s Terry Hontz

Inflation: A poll by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry showed the Tooth Fairy now pays an average of $1 to $2 per tooth.

Today’s Slice question: Where would you definitely not want to be if a major earthquake rocked this area?


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