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County Sued Over Voting

Tue., May 23, 1995

A mother and son known for filing multiple lawsuits are suing Bingham County for not allowing them to vote in the precinct of their choice in last November’s election.

Bethea Parsons and Robert Parsons, Jr., sued the county in federal court, alleging civil rights violations. It is the latest of dozens of suits against the county.

The two tried to vote in the rural Groveland area while they were residing in downtown Blackfoot, and were escorted by police from the voting area.

“The election clerks at the precinct challenged Mrs. Parsons’ right to vote in Groveland because she was no longer a resident of that area,” Bingham County Prosecutor Tom Moss said.

But, Parsons’ attorney, Steve Shaw, said the issue is where a person proclaims their residence, not where they physically live.

Moss disagrees, saying it could set a troublesome precedent.

“They (voters) could vote for a city officer when they don’t live in the city. They could vote for a precinct officer in a precinct they don’t even live in.”

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