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The Slice Watch Out For Annoying Attitudes On Your Vacation

The problem with being in another part of the country and cheerfully approaching a stranger driving a car with Idaho or Washington license plates is that you risk exposure to irritating Boise or Seattle attitudes about the Spokane area.

And who wants that on a vacation?

1995 in a nutshell: A little girl at Franklin Park asked for permission to go to the car and get her coat. “No,” replied her mother. “You’ll get lost or stolen.” - overheard by a Slice deputy at a softball game

Unwaxed works best: A friend’s dental hygienist must have thought she had finally gotten through to someone. The patient, an older woman, came out and asked for some dental floss. But just as the hygienist was about to congratulate herself for making a convert, the woman added that nothing beats floss when it comes to cutting cakes.

Radio would be worse: Andi Small wonders about the logic of TV commercials for hearing aids.

Oh, THAT Mead: When Spokane’s Sahlberg Safety Supply recently sent an invoice to M&L; Construction, it was addressed “N 12918 Freya St., Mead WA 99021, United States.”

That prompted a Slice reader at M&L; to observe, “It’s nice to know a company in Spokane knows Mead is in the United States.”

She can take a hint: A Hayden Lake squirrel was systematically unraveling Laura Lambert’s hammock. So, finally, she took it down. “Maybe he was using some of it for a nest,” she said. “Or it might have been that he just wanted it off his tree. If so, he got his wish.”

Slice answer: Mary Carli will still be here in 10 years because she has No Can Leave Spokane disease.

Our favorite useless stat: If it was in any one of about 10 other states, Spokane would be the largest city. But it’s not, so it isn’t and now it’s time for…

Today’s Slice question: Seeing as how almost everyone who has ever written a personal ad claims to love long walks and the outdoors, why aren’t Inland Northwest parks and wilderness areas a lot more crowded?


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