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Recent Acts Investigated

The concept of “leaderless resistance” is promoted by some militia groups and white supremacists. It involves small groups of people working independently toward common right-wing goals. Investigators wonder whether these recent acts are evidence of leaderless resistance:

April 19, Oklahoma City - Federal building was bombed in the deadliest terrorist act committed in the United States. Three men are tied to the bombing and others being sought.

April 21, San Francisco - Robert Dean Payne is arrested with anti-Semitic literature, 20 pounds of explosives, and an arsenal of weapons. Authorities express concern because San Francisco will host the 50th anniversary of United Nations, the object of much hatred by the radical right.

May 2, Kelso, Wash. - Two men with ties to a “cell-like militia” in North Idaho are arrested with marijuana, a stolen firearm and components for bombs. Authorities are still investigating what Charles H. Barbee and Robert S. Berry intended to do with the weaponry.

May 4, Darby, Mont. - Three Montana militia members and the leader of their Indiana-based organization are charged with advocating the murders of public officials. One is accused of possessing a military-style machine gun.

May 5, Spokane - D. Michael Gray is arrested on charges of being a felon in possession of firearms and growing marijuana. He protested against federal agents in 1992 at the Randy Weaver siege in North Idaho. Sources say Gray is under investigation for manufacturing fertilizer bombs.

May 12, Columbus, Ohio - Aryan Nations member Larry W. Harris, 43, is arrested for fraudulently buying bubonic plague vials. Police find blasting caps, detonating fuses, grenades and homemade bombs in his home. Harris says he’s just doing scientific research.

May 19, Minneapolis - Two members of the Minnesota Patriots Council face prison terms for manufacturing the deadly poison ricin from castor beans. Authorities say the pair discussed blowing up a federal building, obtaining assault weapons and killing a sheriff’s deputy and federal marshal.

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