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Drifter Vowed To Cut Throat Of Pop Singer

An obsessed drifter who was shot after trying to break into Madonna’s Hollywood Hills, Calif., mansion Monday had threatened to slice the pop singer’s throat “from ear to ear” in April, according to a police report.

The star was in New York when security guards caught Robert Dewey Hoskins, 37, after he had scaled the fence of her “Castillo de Lago” compound Monday night.

Hoskins previously had broken into the estate April 7. He returned to the compound gate the following day and demanded to see Madonna.

When he was refused entry, he threatened to kill her and said: “I’ll slice her throat from ear to ear,” according to the police report.

The obsessed fan then left a note saying: “I love you Madonna. I want you to marry me. I love you. You love me.”

He also asked live-in security guard Basil Stephens if he recognized him as the man who had jumped the wall of the estate the day before. “I was here last night,” Hoskins boasted.

On Monday, Stephens had his third encounter with Hoskins when the drifter scaled the fence again.

Police detective Mike McDonagh said Tuesday that Hoskins ran into the upper part of the compound about 40 feet from the house before he was caught.

“He was acting kind of crazy, making statements that he was Madonna’s husband and that he wasn’t going to do what they (the guards) asked,” McDonagh said.

A police source said Hoskins leaped into the swimming pool as Stephens and another guard confronted him. They coaxed him out of the pool and were putting him in a prone position to handcuff him when he lunged at Stephens and tried to disarm him, the source said.

Police are investigating Stephens’ claim that the shots were fired during a struggle. A source said Hoskins’ wounds indicated the shots had been fired from several feet away.

Hoskins was listed in fair condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

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