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Experienced Sterk In Touch, Credible

Thu., Nov. 2, 1995

When the Washington state Legislature was working on the “Becca Bill,” legislation that cracks down on runaways, they were concerned how law enforcement agencies throughout the state could communicate with each other. Mark Sterk, who has served as a police officer in Spokane since 1974 and was appointed to the Legislature last April, knew the answer off the top of his head.

Sterk’s street-level experience will be an asset in a Legislature that will soon tackle the important issues of youth violence and crime prevention. That’s one of the reasons we’re endorsing him for the 4th District seat in the state House of Representatives. He’s also in touch with his district, which encompasses much of the Valley. His conservative GOP views on smaller government, more autonomy for local school districts and a get-tough attitude toward criminals all play well in the neighborhoods he represents.

His opponent, Democrat Mary Chey Austin, has some credibility problems; she said she attended a college that has no record of her being a student there.

In this age of mistrust toward politicians, credibility going into office is a must. Sterk has it.

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