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Rainier Has A New Title: Call Him The Slapper

Monaco’s royal family got rowdy at a party on Sunday, and a waiter who got slapped might question whether it was all in good fun.

The Rainiers, including Prince Rainier, Prince Albert and Princess Caroline, were participating in a slapstick-style comedy performance typical of a New York restaurant called the Pomp, Duck and Circumstance. The event was to honor Rainier’s late wife, Princess Grace.

The mood of the party got irreverent fast. Rainier, his escort Lynn Wyatt and Albert began a food fight, to which waiter Tim Ward, in the spirit of the show, remarked, “Hey! Look at the little piggy prince, eating with his fingers!”

Rainier motioned Ward over and then slapped him. The show’s producer said the slap was “within the jest of the show,” but Ward reportedly left and later skipped a photo session with the family.

Loose talk

Actress Linda Fiorentino on discovering that her love scene with “Jade” co-star Chazz Palminteri was his film first (in Entertainment Weekly): “I would have been more gentle if I had known he was a virgin!” And Nelson Mandela has already sent his regards

Alfre Woodard turns 42 today.

Tequila shooters will do that to you

He says he’s calmed down, but Charlie Sheen - whose checkbook shows several entries to Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss - has enjoyed a wild past. Now comes word that he’s being sued by a UCLA major who claims that Sheen hit her when she wouldn’t give in to his sexual suggestions. Sheen’s response: He doesn’t remember.

One report had her peanuts coming in silk bags

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth took a commercial flight, her first, to New Zealand on Tuesday. But it was anything but ordinary: The whole first-class section was rearranged to accommodate two beds, four armchairs, and a fancy table. And the upstairs business section was taken over by her 28-person entourage. “It was a pain for everyone.” said a fellow passenger. “We had to be (aboard) a half-hour before her.”

Why not Oprah? Or Uma? Uma? Or Oprah?

It should come as no surprise that David Letterman won’t be the host of next year’s Oscar telecast. It IS a surprise, though, that his replacement will be - Whoopi Goldberg, who didn’t exactly wow critics during her 1994 hosting job. Yet that’s the word from Quincy Jones, who takes over the show from six-time producer Gil Gates.

Long-distance love leads to this ‘E.R.’

“E.R.” fans might like to know that Ron Eldard, who plays the paramedic Shep, is actress Julianna Margulies’ boyfriend. Margulies, as you know, won an Emmy for her work as emergency-room nurse Carol Hathaway. The actor, a New York stage type (“On the Waterfront”), reportedly was hired for the recurring role at Margulies’ request.

Apparently, none of her ‘Friends’ got along with him

Sad news: “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston and Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz have ended their relationship.

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