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‘Shorty’ Cuts Down The Competition

FRIDAY, NOV. 3, 1995

Hollywood is out to “Get Shorty,” but no one’s having much luck.

The adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel, which stars John Travolta as a loan enforcer/Hollywood hopeful, finished its second week atop the nation’s box-office listings.

According to figures compiled by Exhibitor Relations Co., “Get Shorty” earned $10.2 million, upping its two-week-plus total to $27 million.

How strong is “Shorty”? It was the only holdover that didn’t drop at least 40 percent of its business. Aside from “Shorty,” the rest of the field was swept away as four new films finished in the also-ran category.

“Powder,” the fantasy tale of a boy with special powers, finished second with a $7.1 million take. Just behind was Eddie Murphy’s new comedy, “Vampire in Brooklyn,” which earned $7 million.

“Copycat,” which stars Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter as an author/detective team in search of a serial killer, ended up in the No. 4 spot with a $5.2 million gross. And “Three Wishes,” the ‘50s-era Patrick Swayze drama about a drifter’s romance with a suburban family, finished at No. 7 ($2.6 million).

“Seven,” the atmospheric serial-killer drama, earned $4 million to finish No. 6. In its six-week run, the Brad Pitt-Morgan Freeman thriller has grossed $73.3 million.

Conversely, “The Scarlet Letter” (No. 13) earned just $784,000. Its three-week total: $8.9 million.

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