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Student Gets 2 Years In Hoax To Delay Test

A high school honors student who pulled a bomb hoax modeled on the Oklahoma City blast in order to delay a calculus exam was sentenced Friday to two years in prison.

Peter Koh, 18, was also fined $4,000. He pleaded guilty to making a telephone bomb threat and possessing an assault-style rifle.

Prosecutors said that Koh, a student at Paschal High School, got two other people to call the Fort Worth school district on May 16 and say there was a bomb in a Ryder truck parked in front of the administration building.

The truck was found to contain 40 bags of concrete sprinkled with fertilizer and doused with diesel fuel.

At the time of the Fort Worth threat, approximately 100 students were about to take a college-placement exam inside the building. The students were evacuated and the test rescheduled.

Koh never took the exam or graduated.

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