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There’s More To Tuesday’s Ballot Than Consolidaton

Sun., Nov. 5, 1995

The proposed city-county government merger is not the only item on Tuesday’s ballot.

Here is a list of some of the other issues and races facing voters in all or part of Spokane County, along with the dates that articles about them appeared in The Spokesman-Review.

Back issues of the newspaper can be found in public libraries and in the lobby of The Spokesman-Review, 999 W. Riverside.

Referendum 48: Requires taxpayers to pay property owners for any loss in property value caused by regulations adopted for public benefit. Oct. 15, page A1. Oct. 29, page B1.

Initiative 651: Unrestricted gambling on Indian lands. Oct. 8, page A1. Oct. 10, page B1. Oct. 18, page A1. Oct. 23, page B1. Oct. 26, page A1.

Referendum 45: Fish and Wildlife Commission, instead of governor, should appoint department’s director. Oct. 30, page B1.

Initiative 640: Restricts commercial fishing. Oct. 25, page B1.

Sales tax for juvenile justice: Tax increase to expand county detention facilities and jail. Oct. 15, page B1.

State representative: Mary Austin vs. Mark Sterk in Fourth District. Oct. 31, page B1.

County commissioner: John Roskelley vs. Martin Burnette. Oct. 29, page B1.

State Supreme Court: Richard Sanders vs. Rosselle Pekelis, Oct. 20, page B1.

Superior Court: Neal Rielly vs. Dennis Dellwo, Oct. 21, page B1.

Spokane City Council: Position 1, Roberta Greene vs. Jim Kolva, Oct. 24, page B1. Position 2, Orville Barnes vs. John Talbott, Oct. 25, page B1. Position 3, Bev Numbers vs. Jeff Colliton, Oct. 26, page B1.

CityVote: Presidential preference balloting featuring 21 candidates. Oct. 29, page A1 and A10.

Spokane School District: Christie Querna vs. Rocky Treppiedi, Oct. 27, page B1.

Valley school districts: Oct. 26, Valley Voice.

Valley Fire District Commission: Oct. 28, Valley Voice.

Cheney races: Town Council and School Board, Oct. 30, B3.

Medical Lake races: Town Council and School Board, Oct. 23, page B3.

Airway Heights races: Town Council, Oct. 16, page B1.

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